Dear Belinda,

THANK YOU so much for our amazing shopping trip! I so enjoyed the time we spent together and am so thrilled with all my purchases! You made it so much easier than shopping on my own and I really appreciate the time you took to find things that would really suit me (SO much easier than trying to do that on my own!)

You have also made a real difference in that I can now see things online that I know will 'work' for my body-shape - and things to avoid! I wore my Reiss dress on Saturday to the party ('blinged up'!) and felt great in it.

Can't wait to see you next week too.

THANK YOU so much once again :) I so appreciate your support!

Kate, Notts.
 Just wanted to quickly say thank you very much for the chance to play at being a model at your charity event. I had a fantastic time with the other girls. I also wanted to thank you for the Styling Advice session we had recently, it certainly helped me understand just how great you can look with the right clothes for your shape. I'm looking forward to putting your great advice to good use on my future shopping trips & being able to dress with the 'Wow' factor!

Pam, Nottingham


On the launch of my business I needed a selection of clothes that would make me look and feel confident and professional. Belinda is very friendly and approachable, and at the same time professional, especially when measuring the body and seeing how clothes fit. Her advice on colour and body shape is clear and she explained why I fit into a particular category. Belinda actively listens and appreciated my current style. In particular, the fact that I don't like to wear scarves, she never suggested I wear one, other than sometimes mentioning that a particular scarf would go well with an outfit, but that's it. I always feel confident wearing what she suggests as I know that it's right for me in style, colour and fitting etc. The outfits Belinda chose made me feel that I was dressed appropriately and she has given me the confidence to take my business forward. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a professional image.

Angela Kuhn AK Events, Nottingham


“Belinda was very careful to find out what I needed and to fit in with my (quite awkward) requirements. She came shopping with me and worked tirelessly to find garments that I would like and would suit me.
 Not only that but she was great company during an arduous trip round Nottingham and made the whole experience worthwhile and also enjoyable. Many thanks Belinda!

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Nancy Slessenger, Leicestershire,


Help! I needed advice to sort my wardrobe out. I was confused as to what styles and shapes would suit my figure and which colours would compliment my hair and skin tones.
 In desperation I decided to contact Belinda to assist me in de-cluttering my over stuffed wardrobe. Belinda duly arrived and what fun we had sorting out what to bin and what to retain. I found her advice very helpful and put it to good use by treating myself to some new outfits. (Because I’m worth it).
 Thank you Belinda! I feel like a new woman.

Margaret, Nottingham


Belinda brought freshness to me and my style of dressing. I was suprised to realize how over the years my image had become a bit stale. Belinda showed me how to try new styles as well as how to wear my existing wardrobe differently. I discovered my true body shape and how I could make the most of it. I came to realise that even everyday dressing can be fun. So now when I buy new clothes I choose something that works for me and my figure, not just because I like the colour!

Susan, Bangkok


Having recently been made redundant and thinking of starting up my own business my fashion confidence certainly needed a boost. I completed the short questionnaires and from this Belinda was able to identify whether I was a summer or winter person. We then went through my wardrobe and I tried on various outfits which Belinda helped me to look at with a fresh pair of eyes identifying which styles would suit me the best. Throughout this experience Belinda put me at my ease and came up with some useful tips and ideas for refreshing my wardrobe with minor tweeks and fashion accessories. If you would like to treat yourself to a confidence boosting experience then I would thoroughly recommend the wardrobe makeover to anyone. Thank you Belinda!