About me


A graduate of the Style Coaching™ Institute, I have spent the last six years as an ex-pat wife, living firstly in America and more recently in Thailand. Now back in the UK, I am able to use my experiences to help you achieve the life you want. the life of an ex-pat wife can be a non stop social whirl, with lunches, dinners, fund raising events and corporate entertaining. It is vital to look stylish and well groomed at all times. Achieving the correct look to fit the event takes patience, time and knowledge.

On the flip side, the ex-pat wife can feel isolated, a long way from family and friends. She may have an identity crisis as her previous life is taken away from her, especially if she was working or was sole carer for the home or children. Finding a new life away from work or the home can be challenging and frustrating but the rewards can change your life forever.

You may not be an ex- pat., but we all need a little extra help from time to time, and this is where Style Coaching™ comes in. I am a great believer in positive thinking and making the most of what you have. I truly believe we all have it in us to achieve whatever we want in life. So if you’re stuck in a rut, style wise, career wise or with life in general I am here to help. I can help you  find your unique style that fits you and your life style. I can also help you to find your authentic self, to build your self esteem, and to set and maintain achievable goals in order to get the life you deserve.

 I am totally focused on you, focused on giving you the skills to take your life in the direction you choose.