Being Stylish whatever your age

Older women are mindful of getting it right or wrong when trying to look glamorous. Women in general feel their contemporaries are their biggest critics and their hugest fear as a more mature woman is dressing as mutton dressed as lamb. An image most women have had hammered into to them by older family members as a bad thing for years. The media still stereo types these women too. The fear is so great and the connitations that go with it, are such, that mature women often shy away from anything remotely young, fashionable or sexy.

The judgement of strangers is a perceived fear, but still one that is in the back of most women's minds, but the casual or throw away comment or joke made by family or close friends can cause the most damage. its something that can fester and knock a woman's confidence.

In my experience if a woman has always bothered about her appearance then she always will whatever her age. Its women who have always got by on natural youthful looks that struggle as they get older, as they don't really know how to dress appropriately or what to wear to enhance their changing figure.


Networking Style

For new networkers, and lots of long-term networkers too, the dilema of what to wear can be daunting. Should I be formal, causual, suit and tie or open shirt? There are no hard and fast rules and depends on the venue, the structure of the event, and the formality of the group. People usually dress as they would for work, but remember your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, so make sure they notice you for the right reasons. Pay attention to detail, and use strong bold colours (in moderation) to help you stand out. Your clothes should be a reflection of you and your business. If you appear sloppily put together,will your work be sloppy too? Wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in.Other businesses will want to talk to you if they spot you in a crowd, if you are open ,warm, smiley & show an ability to listen.

Spring & Summer 2013 Fashion

Even though we are still waiting for the warmer weather, the shops are full of this seasons' hottest colours, styles and prints. There is something for everyone this season whether you're looking for city chic, comfy casual, or beach to bar wear! Also in the shops right now, are the looks to take you through the cooler weather. Best buys right now are classic jackets in stripes or animal prints, chinos and coloured skinny jeans, and lightweight spring knits.
 Thinking further ahead to summer holidays, look for printed jersey dresses, or colour popping shift dresses for city based holidays and maxi dresses, bermuda shorts and floaty tops for the beach! A splash of orange looks great against a suntan and other hot colours this summer are bold fuchsia,  yellows and mustard, aqua and bright blue. But the hottest look this summer is set to be top-to-toe white! The white stilletto is set to make a come back!
 Bold and graphic prints are everywhere at the moment and floral prints and flowers also play a major part now and as we move into the summer. Lace , denim and linen are the fabrics of choice and look out for styles with a touch of 90's nostalgia or a sexy 60's look.
 Whatever you choose remember to bear in mind what you already have in your wardrobe and buy classic pieces that will work with what you've got. An accessory in this season's hot colour or print can bring an outfit up-to-date and won't break the bank.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans


The hunt for the perfect pair of jeans can be daunting and time consuming, but with a little preparation and effort the search will be worthwhile. Jeans can be a great starting point for many outfits, so they're important to get right.

There are a huge variety of styles available so where to start? First of all think about finding jeans that will accentuate the positives and help to improve the negatives of your figure. So lets think about what you want to achieve.

Do you want to elongate your legs, slim the front view of your hips and thighs, make your bottom appear smaller or maybe a little curvier. Or perhaps you would like to flatten and support your tummy?

Different styles and colours will do different things. The darker the colour the more slimming it will be. Boot cut will give a long lean look and a medium to low rise will make the body look longer.

Always try jeans on with the sort of shoes you'll be wearing and make sure they're not too tight to create a muffin top or that they squash the bottom.

Make use of the staff in the shop as they'll know about all the different style and washes they offer. Or better still take along a personal stylist!

Happy hunting!


What is true style ?

Is it something other people just have or can anyone learn the tricks of the trade ?

Great style can be achieved by everyone, regardless of age, shape or size. The Style CoachingTM philosophy is that true style comes from within. Let your inner confidence shine through. Style comes from understanding your own personality, knowing what works for you and expressing your individuality. Style is about choosing the right clothes, hairstyle and make up for you and your lifestyle needs, but also about confidence, good body posture & body language.

To find true Style :
  • Keep it simple, less is more
  • Wear natural makeup and a smile
  • Choose clothes that enhance your body shape
  • Wear clothes that don’t pucker, pull or cling
  • Don’t hide your shape completely
  • Follow fashion trends but stay true to yourself
  • Dress appropriately for age, occasion, body shape & lifestyle
Style is when you wear your clothes, not when your clothes wear you !